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The question of climate is a persistent and recurring theme in the media.  Many of those who express their views in  public,  do not possess adequate information and professional knowledge.

There are many factors which can affect climate and it  seems  as  if  most  people  have  insufficient  understanding of the complexities involved. This is probably because they have inadequate access to climate research material. This material should be available in a summarized form which is easily understandable and easily reached from a central source.

Early in 2009 the Tekna Senior Technologists established   The Climate Study Group consisting of some 30 engaged members.  The overall objective of the group is to acquire improved knowledge from reputable climate researchers and scientists. This has been facilitated by holding a series of internal lectures.

The Climate Study Group is neutral and did not take any fixed position regarding claims presented by any of the lecturers. Members of the Group posed questions and discussed the contents of the lectures.

On the basis of a large number of lectures, the members of The Climate Study Group have concluded that knowledge which has been acquired from the lectures, needs to be disseminated both within and outside of Tekna.

Neither Tekna by itself, nor its staff, carries out any climate research. Tekna is not a recipient of public or private financial support for work related to climate. The Climate Study Group is thus an unprejudiced participant in the dissemination of climate related research material. The Group has not taken up any fixed position in the ongoing climate debate.

Establishment of a Climate Archive

Currently, a large number of   articles and   reports   on climate research   are   available, regarding the many factors which influence the climate globally. Many of these represent differing opinions about the causes of future changes in climate which may be anticipated. There are various    attitudes towards the conclusions reached in the UN Climate Panel (IPCC) reports, prevalent in climate deliberations globally.

In order to make climate research material easily available, The Climate Study Group has initiated the establishment of an open database where climate related research material and reports are readily available. It includes a subject index and executive summaries   (“Readers Digest”). In advance, the authors will be contacted to verify that they have concurred with the inclusion of their material in the database. The database also includes links to the authors` C.V. s   etc.

The database is freely accessible, but the contents cannot be altered by unauthorized readers.



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