The Next Climate Change

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Dr. John Holdren

Presidential Transition Headquarters

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January 1, 2009

SUBJECT: The Next Climate Change.

Dear Dr. Holdren,

Congratulations on your nomination as the science adviser to President-elect Barrack Obama. It is doubtless a crowning achievement in your career and will afford you the opportunity to do much good for our country and its citizens. As a former White House consultant especially on the space program, I would also like to provide to you at this early stage in the appointment process, an important message which has both national and international impact along with a request for your assistance.

On the matter of climate change, I recommend that you and your staff that will advise the President take a serious look at what has happened in recent years regarding the Earth’s climate and the astounding changes now occurring in the Sun. The attached letters explain most of the key issues. Fundamentally, I urge your reconsideration of the causes of climate change and global warming just as I did two years ago, and accept that the Sun governs our climate and not mankind. Further, it is vital that you be made aware of historic changes that have already transpired in the Sun’s activity and output, what I call a ‘solar hibernation,’ that are now ushering in the next climate change to a period of long lasting cold weather. I am concerned that if the Obama administration does not quickly adjust to the reality of this new global climate that many of our citizens will suffer needlessly during the coming cold. My center issued a press release last month expressing apprehension about the risk to our people because of potential US government initiatives on an anthropogenic based climate change agenda designed to protect us from something that no longer exists - global warming.

Please accept my apologies for the stern content of my first letter to you. While such a letter as this is certainly out of the norm, the President-elect’s nomination of you coincidentally comes during a period when the Earth’s climate has begun a rapid and dramatic change from relative warmth to a new era of extended cold. Similarly, the Sun is concurrently undergoing a remarkable transformation thus forcing me to ask for your immediate attention.

The intellectual adjustment to this new climate picture will not come easily. It wasn’t for me as a previous believer that humans may have some influence over the Earth’s climate. When I first independently discovered the 206 year solar cycle that regulates much of our climate change and notified the government and the media of what was coming, I was at first quite alone among researchers in the US in my predictions of what would soon happen to the Earth and the Sun. My forecast of a long term drop in the Earth’s temperature and likewise my description of a solar hibernation starting within three years were scoffed at, to put it politely. Despite the highly unconventional nature of my predictions, they have nonetheless come to pass. Our climate is getting much colder and will continue to do so for at least the next 20-30 years. Some say longer. Regardless, global warming is over; a new cold climate has arrived.

Reasons to believe the new cold climate is here are overwhelming. In addition to the now confirmed long term drop in global temperatures, the period of time between solar cycle 23 and our current cycle 24 where we have been basically without sunspots is nearing a one hundred year record. The solar wind is now at an astounding fifty year low. The surface flows on the Sun have slowed to a phenomenally low rate, “off the bottom of the charts” according to NASA. NASA further says that the following cycle 25 will be the “one of the weakest in centuries,” thus validating my forecast for an extended multi-decadal hibernation. The solar hibernation that I and only a handful of other scientists world wide have publicly risked raising a red flag about, has now started to envelope our planet. Yet surprisingly, these amazing events, which are among the most spectacular astronomical occurrences in the history of the study of our solar system are essentially unreported on TV, news print or scientific journals and other publicly oriented science publications. This paradox and related matters beg resolution. I therefore additionally request you conduct an investigation into three issues. (1) Why these incredible changes in the Sun representing one of the greatest natural events in the history of science is being intentionally hidden from our people including many professionals in various fields of science. (2) Why a large segment of the scientific community has been silent or may have been silenced on the subject of submitting alternative theories or opposition to man made climate change. (3) Why solar activity cycles which have a high level of correlation to the Earth’s climate (often over 90%) and have strong reliability in their oscillations are not the primary tools used in determining our national climate change policy.

A rapidly growing number of other scientists around the world have acknowledged my discovery and its associated theory or have come to a similar conclusion based upon their own research. The cold of the new climate period will be so extensive that we will likely have major agricultural losses during the coldest years causing substantial economic and social distress. I strongly ask for your help once you take office to guide the President and the scientific community toward the necessary preparations our people and our country will need for the next climate change.

Best Regards,

John L. Casey Director

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